On November 4, 2023, PaperKat Books will be holding its first-ever creative festival dubbed You Should Be Writing. This all-day event at Estancia at Capitol Commons in Pasig City will be a haven for book lovers, aspiring authors, and creative folk.

What can you expect? Here’s everything to see and experience on this whole day event: 

Admission is free

The best things in life are free—and the You Should Be Writing event is one of these! You can sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as you listen in on the program. The whole-day program includes story reading for kids, publishing talks, and back-to-back book launches. Admission is free, but you can also register here (https://tinyurl.com/YSBWEstanciaNov4) or scan the QR code in the event poster to join the online raffle and get free ebooks!

Discover your next great read

There will be no shortage of beautiful books from Filipino authors at this event. From crime novels to speculative fiction, as well as poetry collections to short story anthologies, you may just find your next favorite book—and author—here! 

Be inspired by your fellow creatives 

Fans of rom-com novels, speculative fiction, Filipino fantasy, crime fiction, and non-fiction will be in for a treat, because several PaperKat Books authors will also be launching their books at the event! Many of them are first-time authors, too!

Plus, select PaperKat Books authors will also be sharing their thoughts about their self-publishing journey. If you’re a writer who needs that final push to finish your manuscript, you might just be inspired when you hear the stories of fellow writers who have already done it. 

Learn from publishing experts

Want to learn more about book writing and the publishing process? PaperKat Books is bringing together its publishing mentors from FEU Publications and The Publishing Consultant to answer your burning questions on how you can finally bring your story to life.   

Get your creative juices flowing

Stuck in a creative rut? Get inspiration from the wide variety of activities happening throughout this whole day event. Meet and chat with Filipino authors. Listen in on the poetry reading session and story reading with kids. Explore the “Authors’ Playground” where PaperKat Books authors, as well as other local creatives will sell their books and merchandise. 

On choosing the Estancia at Capitol Commons to be the venue of PaperKat Books’ first big event, Head of Publishing Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla said, “Since Estancia at Capitol Commons opened, a lot of arts and lifestyle-related events, including painting exhibitions, music, and fashion, have been held here. There are also many areas at the mall where you can sit down and write, and they’re all free. The location and the vibe are perfect for people who want to write away from home.”

Eustaquio-Derla added, “That’s why we chose Estancia at Capitol Commons to be the Ground Zero of our You Should Be Writing movement. Help us in this movement to encourage more people to write and finish their manuscripts, because publishing dreams should have a deadline. And yes, if you want to become a published author, you should be writing.

Check out the full details of the event at https://paperkatbooks.com/events/you-should-be-writing-at-estancia/

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