The COVID-19 pandemic has unquestionably brought profound changes in every aspect of people’s lives. One of the most prominent topics of discussion this season revolves around how Filipinos will pursue education this year.

Recently, the Department of Education (DepEd) announced the tentative start of classes for August 2020, evoking mixed reactions from the public. In light of this development, DepEd appears to be steadfastly moving forward with online, distant, and blended learning methods. In contrast, a modular learning approach will be implemented in areas with limited internet coverage. Concurrently, local government units (LGUs) are diligently procuring gadgets and tools to support this endeavor. Android tablets, in particular, are in high demand for consumers and both private and government offices.

Notably, MyPhone has initiated a campaign called “Balik-Aral sa Tahanan” to encourage its loyal followers and the Filipino populace to adapt to the new normal by embracing online learning at home, facilitated through the use of Android phones and tablets.

MyPhone, the first Filipino phone brand in the country, renowned for its durable and budget-friendly gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and basic phones, is committed to serving the Filipino masses. They now offer an extremely affordable Android tablet, one of the most sought-after devices today, the MyPhone myT6 DTV.

MyPhone myT6 DTV

I recently conducted an unboxing review of the myT6 DTV, which you can watch on my YouTube Channel.

Here are the specifications:


The MyPhone myT6 DTV features a 7″ IPS Display, making it a handy device with just the right screen size for comfortable viewing and handling.

Google OS:

It runs on Android 9 Pie (Go Edition), the lightweight version of Android Pie, pre-loaded with Google Go apps like YouTube Go, Gmail Go, and more.

Memory and Storage:

Equipped with 1GB of RAM, which is sufficient for basic multitasking (although heavy gaming is not recommended). The storage has been upgraded from MyPhone’s usual releases, now offering 16GB of ROM, expandable to 64GB via an SD card. This ample storage ensures you won’t run out of space for apps and files.


The myT6 DTV supports USB-OTG, allowing you to use USB-OTG flash drives or accessories to transfer files from your laptop or desktop to the tablet. This provides an additional storage boost.

Apps for Admin and School Work:

The device is also highly functional for administrative and school-related tasks. You can access PowerPoint presentations, Word, PDF, and Excel files by simply downloading Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel from Google Play for free. You can also install Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to access your document files from your Google account.

Online Learning Essentials:

For online learning, the device is compatible with DepEd Commons, as demonstrated in my vlog. Additionally, it supports platforms like Coursera, making it a versatile tool for various educational needs.

Accessing the DepED Commons website.


In addition to its online learning capabilities, the myT6 DTV doubles as an entertainment hub, boasting a built-in Digital TV that allows you to enjoy free-to-air channels like GMA7, GMA News TV, GMA Heart of Asia, TV5, CNN, and Teleradyo. However, it’s worth noting that ABS-CBN channels and its sub-channels, including the Knowledge Channel and Sports+Action, are currently unavailable due to their ongoing franchise issue. We hope they’ll return soon.


As for the price, the MyPhone myT6 DTV is incredibly affordable, retailing at just P2,999, making it one of the most budget-friendly Android tablets in the market. It’s now conveniently accessible at select MyPhone outlets nationwide.

In a world characterized by constant change, the COVID-19 pandemic serves as a poignant reminder that our planet continues to evolve into the future. It urges us to progress into the best versions of ourselves; otherwise, we risk stagnation and limitations in growth and capability. Always remember that opportunities can arise even in the face of difficulties.

Please note that this blog post is in no way endorsed or affiliated with DepEd.

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