In a grand event, Flava, the Philippines’ number one vape brand, and Flonq, vape design expert and international brand, introduces the elegance of their latest and premium product Max Smart.

This will be one of the stylish, classy, and elegant model na magkakaroon ang Flava, and ‘yon din kasi ang target namin.

Lilac Tayaban, Chief Operating Officer of Flava said, taking pride on their latest product in partnership with Flonq.

Doubling the power and marking their partnership. The event began with Lilac and Dmitri Churakov, the managing partner for Flonq welcoming their guests. They also expressed their gratitude to the people behind the success of their product launch. Moreover, the power duo representatives assured a better experience for all.

Max Smart: Innovation at its core

To officially introduce Max Smart, Flonq Product Manager Katja Atroshkina took the stage. Furthermore, presented the innovative features that are installed in their latest product.

The brands in this technologically advanced collaboration remained true to their vision of bringing innovation at its core through the power of Max Smart. Flava and Flonq introduced a device that can hold 14ml of liquid with puffs designed to reach up to 10,000. Moreover, this line takes pride of its rechargeable 650 mAh battery, in which percentage is visible on its smart screen. 

Max Smart: Elegantly Simple

Being a design expert brand, Flonq proved its perfection to partner with the top vape brand in the Philippines through the elegance-out-of-simplicity style of Max Smart. They took inspiration from the classic design of Porsche, particularly on the soft edges of Max Smart. Furthermore, the product’s mouthpiece also speaks attitude with is smoking pipe-inspired style.

Max Smart also offers an array of colors that could perfectly match anyone’s mood, fashion, and identity. Flava and Flonq released models in soft and classic beige, Shirota, fierce Red Blast, the classic Black Ice and 11 more.

Meanwhile, being the number one vape brand in the Philippines, Flava exactly knows the Filipino palette for flavors. In line with this, the brands customized 14 flavors that matches the taste of local. This includes Yakult, Nerds Candy, Melon Ice, Gummy Bears and Lychee Ice.

Flava x Flonq: A Night of Personalities

Aside from Max Smart being the spotlight during the product launch, several personalities from the entertainment industry graced the event. The iconic trio of content creators, DoLaiNab, composed by Donnalyn Bartolome, Jelai Andres and Zeinab Harake, were present.

Moreover, Flava x Flonq product launch seemed to be a concert night for the guests as Juan Karlos fired up the stage with his ever-iconic songs. The popular singer-songwriter performed his hits such as “Buwan”. Furthermore, JK sang his latest, record-breaking, and trending single “ERE” that hyped the crowd even more.

Aside from these icons, Flava and Flonq proved their personalities rooted in power, creativity, and success through Max Smart that elevated vape innovation to its core. 

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