TCL Electronics, a prominent consumer electronics and TV manufacturer. They are also the second-ranked TV brand worldwide is excited to introduce the latest addition to the C series family. The TCL C845 TV, known as the “All Around Master,” enhances every moment with its cutting-edge Mini LED Technology.

The TCL C845 delivers ultimate entertainment with unmatched picture quality, driven by TCL’s Mini LED Technology. Compared to traditional TVs, Mini LED earns acclaim for superior display. Additionally, it boosts brightness, contrast, and color gamut for a dynamic, immersive experience.

The latest Mini LED tech rivals OLED in lighting control and affordability, making it accessible for optimal picture performance. Manufacturers can offer cost-effective Mini LED TVs, broadening accessibility to a wider audience.

Being the pioneer in Mini LED TV development, TCL consistently prioritizes Mini LED as its core strategy, maintaining industry leadership. It creatively customizes and develops high-efficiency Mini LED chips and employs single-refraction curved surface glue dispensing technology. This approach achieves more precise light control, uniform surface light, enhanced halo control, and increased light efficiency, while also utilizing sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

This TV exhibits a wide color range, reaching up to 97% according to the DCI-P3 standard. It’s akin to gazing into a kaleidoscope, revealing an endless spectrum of colors to explore.

An Exceptional TV

The TCL C845 incorporates Mini LED technology and employs the AiPQ Processor 5 Picture Quality Algorithms: Ai-Contrast, Ai-Clarity, Ai-Color, Ai-Motion, and Ai-HDR. Whether you’re watching movies, gaming, or sports, this TV ensures an exceptional entertainment experience.

Furthermore, The AI picture quality processor analyzes and interprets the real world with human-like cognition. It stores these details and optimizes visual output for vibrant color, exceptional contrast, and crystal clarity, creating lifelike visuals on the C845 TV screen.

Regarding sound quality, the TCL C845 offers distinct stereo sound and robust bass through its 2.1 CH and Subwoofer system, delivering Hi-Fi 60W for immersive audio from the first beat to the encore.

Exceptional Care

The TCL C845 prioritizes eye care with TÜV Low Blue Light, ensuring comfort, eliminating dry eyes, and preventing eye fatigue.

Regarding connectivity, seamlessly link your Apple device to your larger screen, enhancing the delight of sharing cherished moments.

Additionally, the TCL C845 boasts an elegant bezel-less design that seamlessly complements any home décor, transforming your space into a masterpiece.

Don’t miss the chance to experience ultimate entertainment with your own TCL C845 All Around Master, available at authorized TCL Dealers. For more details, visit

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