Are you among the many still hesitant to leave your homes due to the ongoing pandemic but craving delicious Korean food while watching your favorite K-Drama at home?

Well, let’s satiate those cravings with my recent discovery—a true gem I found during the pandemic and, in my opinion, one of the finest Samgyupsal options in the metro, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. It’s none other than “Samgyup Para Maiba Naman!”

This delightful find came about during the community quarantine (lockdown) last May when my good friend and a devoted K-drama enthusiast, Kyra Custodio, introduced it to me. She’s among the many individuals I know who ventured into entrepreneurship during the pandemic. I want to emphasize that I won’t be biased just because she’s a friend, but I can genuinely attest that their products are outstanding.

Hindi nakaka-umay, tama ang timpla, marami ang laman hindi tinipid, at siguradong uulit-ulitin mo pag natikman mo.

I absolutely adore their marinated pork bulgogi and fish cake, and my siblings share the same enthusiasm, which is why we’ve ordered from them multiple times. Delicious flavors at remarkably affordable prices!

Kyra Custodio | IG: @kyracustodio20

PS: The owner, Kyra Custodio, was a former Pinoy Big Brother Teen housemate from the PBB Teen Clash of 2010, alongside James Reid, Devon Seron, and Ryan Bang. So, you can trust this seller!

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