OPPO revealed the five winning proposals from the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge after concluding the Global Final Demo Event held in Singapore. This challenge, spearheaded by the OPPO Research Institute and supported by Qualcomm. Additionally, by GSMA 5G IN, Amazon Web Services, and LinkedIn. It attracted entries in two categories: “Inspiration for People” and “Inspiration for the Planet”. These categories aimed at identifying robust solutions aligned with OPPO’s vision of “Virtuous Innovation”.

Out of 687 proposals submitted by teams across 66 countries and regions globally. A panel of judges comprising members of the OPPO Research Institute, OPPO’s investment department, and experts from Temasek International. Along with GSMA, Fidelity International, and XNode selected five exceptional proposals after three regional challenges and an acceleration camp.

We are extremely grateful for the collaborative support of our partners and to all the technology professionals and entrepreneurs who have taken part in this year’s OPPO Inspiration Challenge, especially the top five teams who truly demonstrated the incredible potential of innovative technology,

said Jason Liao, President of the OPPO Research Institute.
President of the OPPO Research Institute, Jasion Liao, delivers the opening remark at the Global Final Demo Event

Following five months of extensive evaluation, we have seen many innovative and cutting-edge solutions to a number of critical but overlooked social issues raised by start-ups from around the world. Together, through the Inspiration Challenge, we look forward to working with these teams to bring the power of virtuous innovation to all corners of the world.

The Global Final Demo Event

At the Global Final Demo Event, six startup teams from this and the previous year collaborated with OPPO to showcase groundbreaking products and prototypes. For instance, Bluepha Co., Ltd. partnered with OPPO to design eco-friendly phone packaging and art installations from biodegradable materials. Showcasing OPPO’s commitment to both innovation and the environment. Another startup, Woola, showcased packaging for the OPPO Watch made from recycled wool, promoting sustainability. TangTang Quan, a winner from last year, returned to present the outcomes of its collaboration with OPPO. It is for a blood glucose monitoring function in the OPPO Watch 4 Pro, catering to diabetes patients’ real-time monitoring needs.

Acceleration Camp of 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

This year, OPPO partnered with Deloitte China to host an Acceleration Camp before the Global Final Demo Event. The camp facilitated discussions among experts from OPPO’s Research Institute, software, hardware, investment, universities, research, IoT departments, and industry experts from Deloitte with the top 15 teams. Insights on technology, industry trends, and business prospects were provided to these teams.

The onsite demo area at the Global Final Demo Event

The winning teams, after evaluation based on Feasibility, Innovation, Long-term Potential, and Social Values criteria, each received a grant of USD $50,000. It comes along with opportunities for further collaboration with OPPO and its partners. Additionally, “3D interactive platform” and “Flint Paper Battery” received People’s Choice awards. Meanwhile “Impulse (Non Surgical Hearing Aid)” and “Flint Paper Battery” were honored with the Media Choice awards.

The Winners of the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

Through the Inspiration Challenge, OPPO remains dedicated to uniting technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and startup teams to drive innovative solutions that empower more individuals to harness the potential of technology.

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