The Baker J team worked with Filinvest’s innovation arm, F(DEV), to reimagine how they can manage back-end operations effortlessly.

Manila, Philippines  October 16, 2023 — Baker J redefines the pastry and coffee shop experience. Infusing delectable and creative flavors. It is reminiscent of casual and comfortable Parisian cafés — brimming with life and great food.

Since its successful operations in Chroma Hospitality’s brand of hotels. This includes Crimson Hotel Alabang, Quest Hotel Clark, Quest Hotel Tagaytay, and Timberland Resort San Mateo Riza. Moreover, Baker J proudly introduces its first standalone branch nestled within the bustling Bonifacio Global City.
Furthermore, The Baker J team worked with Filinvest’s innovation arm, F(DEV), to reimagine how they can manage back-end operations effortlessly so they can focus more resources on creating excellent customer experiences.

We are elated with this partnership between Chroma Hospitality and F(DEV). This pilot eProcurement solution makes it easier for us to scale up our F&B business. Now, Baker J can focus on delivering the finest culinary creations to customers at full potential

said Francis Gotianun, First Senior Vice President of Filinvest Hospitality, on behalf of Filinvest Group’s F&B Transformation and Baker J.

Innovation behind the scenes

Each F&B business, as we all know, needs to be an efficient operations machine to effectively serve its customers. From ordering ingredients from suppliers. Also, getting deliveries to producing its delicious products and accepting payments, BakerJ was built to be customer-centric. 

In the past few months leading up to the opening, Baker J and its management company, Chroma Hospitality Inc. have been working with F(DEV), the Filinvest Group’s innovation arm, to design and craft an F&B operating platform powered digitally. What has launched together with Baker J’s BGC store opening is a new and modern e-procurement and supply chain tech solution that streamlines the enterprise’s procurement experience. 

Previously, the Chroma purchasing team struggled with complex manual interactions and pen-and-paper-based activities. Moreover, the team, dealing with multiple systems and disjointed processes, can now confidently manage all procurement and supply chain-related activities in one dashboard. Furthermore, it can efficiently track supply quality and supplier performance, even with a diverse base of suppliers. The MVP of Baker J’s enterprise-grade platform achieved this milestone in just three months, just in time for the new store opening.

We’ve given Chroma and Baker J new superpowers by working with them closely to develop an entirely new operating experience and ensuring that multiple diverse systems operate as one, to bring the best possible experience to their end customers. But this is just the start. Our goal is to bring this type of innovation-led experience to the rest of the conglomerate and beyond to ensure that the companies lead in an accelerated digital future

says Xavier Marzan, CEO of F(DEV)

Baker J’s procurement solution provides a user experience akin to online shopping, with a sleek, modern interface. The platform’s modular, data-driven architecture integrates proprietary data and AI algorithms for precise procurement modeling and forecasting. As a result, Chroma’s leadership benefits from improved operational visibility and data-driven decision-making, which significantly improves the quality and speed of operations, and puts the customer at the forefront of its effort.

Filinvest fueling transformation

F(DEV) is at the forefront, fueling Filinvest Group’s transformation in this exciting new digital decade. With an unwavering commitment, F(DEV) empowers the company’s businesses in real estate, townships, banking, hospitality, and energy and utilities to evolve into thriving digital enterprises, propelling our country toward a brighter and more innovative future, helping to address the needs of the underserved segments in the Philippines.

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