Another Filipino has officially entered the South Korean K-Pop scene. After Chanty (aka Chantal Videla) from the rookie all-girl K-Pop group Lapillus, let’s introduce Filipino-Korean Youn Dongyeon (or Justin Lajo) from the newly formed five-member male K-Pop group “POW.”

Meet Youn Dongyeon

Some of you may recall the name Dongyeon from 2021 when he became a JYP Entertainment trainee, creating a buzz for his name by joining SBS’s survival reality show “LOUD.” Furthermore, he gained media attention in the Philippines by showcasing his Filipino heritage on the show. Moreover, he was part of the JYP team, best known for his top-tier dancing skills.

Photo Credit: @pow_grid on IG.

Personally, I believe that Dongyeon, affectionately called Dodong by his Filipino mother, possesses a unique groove, charm, and talent. I have actively campaigned for him on my social media to secure votes from the Philippines. My friend, Filipina actress Devon Seron, also supported him during his time on “LOUD”.

Although he received high votes in the global voting during the show, he unfortunately faced elimination in the 7th round.

After his elimination, he remained largely out of the public eye. Additionally, he deactivated his personal Instagram. During those years, he transferred to Fantagio and trained under ASTRO’s company until signing with the newly founded company GRID Entertainment.

With Dongyeon now at GRID Entertainment, he and four other members underwent rigorous training until their debut as K-Pop group POW on September 14th.

Introducing POW: A New K-Pop Boy Band You Don’t Want to Miss

Attention, K-pop enthusiasts! If you’re on the lookout for a new boy band to stan, you need not look any further than the rookie group, POW.

Comprising five members, the group has just made their debut with “POW 1st EP: favorite.” This EP features four exciting new K-Pop tracks: “Dazzling,” “Slow Dancing,” “Amazing,” and “Favorite,” the latter serving as their carrier single, officially released today (October 11) on all major music streaming platforms worldwide.

Furthermore, the music video for “Favorite” was released on September 12, along with their showcase performances on Inkigayo, SHOW! MusicCore, MCountdown, and Music Bank within the same week, as part of their promotional activities.

Meet the talented members of POW: Yorch, Jungbin, Hyunbin, Donyeon, and Hong.

Among them, Yorch Yongsin stands out as a globally recognized member of POW. He’s a Thai actor-singer who began his career in the Thai entertainment industry as a child actor. Notably, Yorch has over 2 million Instagram followers. Additionally, he was formerly part of the pre-debut group “Trainee A” under Big Hit Music (HYBE), though, regrettably, the team disbanded before their official debut.


The remaining three members are full-blood Koreans: Jungbin, who serves as the group’s leader, Hyunbin, and Hong, the youngest (maknae) of the group.

Watching their live performances and listening to their music, it’s evident that POW is a fusion of diverse talents and charismatic individuals, shaping a promising future in the world of K-pop music. If you’re a proud Pinoy, let’s rally behind Dongyeon and support POW!


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